Confession: I’m an adult who watches teen shows!!!

I just watched the teaser for the new season of Degrassi on TeenNick and I must say I am excited!

My daughter and step daughter, ages 10 & 11, have finally given me the perfect excuse to sit back and watch every episode of this show! I’ve been watching it for quite a while, but up until last year no one else in the house liked it so I’d forget it was coming on or I’d get busy doing something else and I’d miss it. But now I have 2 girls screaming and running thru the house reminding me and everyone else it’s almost time! Works out good for me, their like human alarm clocks! That reminder button you push on your TV guide does nothing compared to these 2! 

The only thing I hate is occasionally my husband will walk by the TV and say one of his little comments like “Not this again!” or “Aren’t you a little old to be watching this?” It’s especially bad when he says “Isn’t this on TeenNick?” emphasis on the teen part.  

So that leaves me wondering: Why do I enjoy watching a show geared toward teenage girls?  

I have thought about this quite a bit because it does seem odd that someone my age would even be remotely interested in a show about teenagers and high school, but I keep coming back to the same conclusion- it’s an honest to goodness good show and there’s not many of those left on TV! Degrassi is a like a soap opera for teens and preteens and the issues they deal with on the show are issues everyone no matter what their age deals with. They aren’t afraid to put the topics out there that our children face, hell that we adults face! – Like teen pregnancy, school violence, peer pressure, young love and break ups, drug and alcohol abuse, lesbian and gay acceptance, transgender issues, eating disorders, mental illnesses, rape, STD’s, need I go on?!

And with each hush, hush topic they throw at us their ratings only increase! I have had numerous talks with both of my girls since they started watching this show with me (and it is them approaching me might I add) with questions about 1 or more of the topics they saw discussed in an episode. When I was a kid I got my questions answered at school or on the school bus- which I now know most of those answers were incorrect. (thanks everyone who contributed!)

Do I honestly need anymore reasons to love this show?! I have more, many more reasons, but if I name anymore it will just make it seem like I’m trying to justify my love for this show and not simply explain the reason why I like it, alot. 😉     

So until I find something I don’t like about this ‘teeny bopper’ show I will proudly say “Oh I can’t wait for the new season in July!”


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A new outlet…

I have been interested in blogs for a while now, but it wasn’t until tonight that I finally signed up for one! Writing my thoughts and letting everyone know what’s going on has been my thing on Shutterfly but with insufficent room for entries I needed space- so here I am.

I have a lot going on with summer break finally here and three kids home for the next few months. (normally I only have one little one here with me) I work from home which has it’s pros and cons, it’s biggest pro being I am here with my son all day. Maybe I’ll have such a busy summer I won’t be able to write much? No, writing is my outlet, my escape, my remembrance of the past and my hopes for the future. Sometimes it’s the small things we have that make the most sense in our lives.  

I just got off the phone with my little brother, well he’s 22 so not really little I guess, anways he was telling me all about the things going on in his life right now. His girlfriend dumped him claiming he can’t hold down a job, which he is doing quite well now holding down two jobs actually, school has started back for him and he’s currently doing what he called ‘couch hopping’ inorder to stay closer to school and work. Our dad lives in Shelbyville so school in Smyrna and work in Murfreesboro is not the shortest of drives for him to make daily. His stories made me think of when I was his age… I had a two year old and was working evenings at a local factory as a temporary making 7.25 an hour, me and my now husband didn’t have much, but we always had fun. It’s strange how life can seem so simple when you don’t have much, but then suddenly you own a house, have more kids, and your world is shall we say complex. I wouldn’t want to go back and relive my twenties, not because they weren’t exciting or fun, but because people are like wine, they get better with age. Now that I’ve hit my thirties I am looking forward to making the most out of them so when forty creeps up, which it will much faster than I want it to, I can look back and say damn my thirties were good, they were my significant years, the years that made me an even better person now than I was then!

So after talking to a twenty-two year old college student for the past hour I can sit here smiling and say without a doubt “Thank God I’m thirty!” A toast to all the thirty year olds, congrats on making it this far!

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